Tiny Homes: Bicycle Trailers & Shopping Cart Campers!

Posted on Nov 07, 2009 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures
Tiny Homes: Bicycle Trailers, Shopping Cart Campers, and more!

mobile creative home idea

Kevin Cyr seems obsessed with mobile homes and portable living.  In his astonishing ‘duh!’ concepts, he manages to pack a lot of room (bed,  lighting, storage and much more) into the smallest of interior spaces.

mobile trailer home pictures

His first full-size project – a creative camper bike creation – is an uncanny small-scale replica of a typical mobile home. In fact, it is arguably more surreal for this remarkable resemblance to conventional car-attached campers, complete with faux wood siding, simple windows and basic door. He has sketched, painted and drawn the work in addition to photographing the finished product in action.

mobile shopping cart home

If the bicycle trailer concept is an exercise in overt simplicity and aesthetic similarity, the camper cart could be characterized as the opposite: a project involving subtlety and stealth, a hidden home that looks like an ordinary shopping cart until it is unfolded and converted to an (albeit very small) mobile living space. Naturally, one can see applications of this in tent cities and other urban homeless populations.

mobile fold out tent camper

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