Top Ten Tactical Skill-Sets for the Common Man

Posted on Sep 17, 2012 in DIY Projects, Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Kevin Hayden –

Source: ITS Tactical

Yesterday, my good friend Jack, from The Survival Podcast, asked me if I’d like to come on his show to discuss the Top Ten Tactical Skill-Sets for the Common Man. I jumped at the chance and the show we recorded yesterday is now live!

I tried to highlight many of the Skill-Set topics that we frequently discuss on ITS Tactical and I think they all tied together well. I’d urge everyone here to spend a few minutes to check it out and hear about why we advocate having these skill-sets here on ITS.

Here’s my personal top ten list of tactical skills that everyone should make a part of their lives, specifically for those of us in a preparedness mindset.

  • Self Defense, Combatives and Situational Awareness
  • Navigation
  • Fitness
  • Lock Picking
  • Medical
  • Driving
  • Knot Tying
  • Digital Competency
  • Home Security/Assessment
  • The Tactical Mindset
Let me know what you think about the show and check out the links below for more information on each of these skill-sets here on ITS. Follow this link to listen directly on TSP or find them on iTunes!
A huge thank you to Jack for having me on TSP; I really enjoyed the opportunity, brother! Be sure to subscribe to TSP and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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