What If? Hayden’s Coffee Thoughts on Russia, Obama, and Guns

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

I’ve been doing some thinking; some exercises in mental creativity, if you will, about the current craze surrounding gun confiscation and assault rifles and I want you to join in on this little walk down Crazy Road with me.

What if…

What if President Obama or members of the Federal Government have information to suggest that Russia or China are aligning themselves to engage in a full-blown World War 3?

What if a handful of our elected leaders knew that something catastrophic was coming down the pipeline and are unable to declare it publicly due to the inevitable, ensuing chaos and panic that it would create?

What if those Powers That Be were using reverse psychology, screaming “gun ban! gun confiscation!”, in an effort to get Americans to buy even more firearms and specifically, those illustrious, evil “assault weapons”?

What if …?

What if these globalist, money-hungry, power grabbers are actually trying to get us to arm ourselves in a fashion that no economic stimulus ever could?

What if the reason they have purchased a historical 1.6 billion+ rounds of jacketed hollow point .40 caliber rounds is to arm our domestic law enforcement against this coming catastrophe or invasion?

Well, that concludes Hayden’s thoughts over coffee this morning. Strange, I know. I honestly do not give them anywhere near that much credit, but … what if?

(Please do not take my morning rambles as fact, nor my personal belief. They merely serve to spark the imagination and get some people to start questioning…)

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