About the Blog Creators

Hello again and welcome to our blog concerning pressing social issues of today and tomorrow. If you haven’t read our first post, the welcome post, feel free to do it to find out which are the issues, identified by concerned Americans, that our country is facing today.

This section of the blog will instead discuss our personal history such as how we met and how we became interested in discussing social issues. We will also tell you why we made this blog and what topics we are going to cover in it.

Who Are the Blog Creators

We are a group of friends who met while studying at college. We immediately clicked and even though many years have passed since our graduation, we continue to talk online and to meet from time to time when our schedules allow us to travel across the country.

We all have different interests and viewpoints, but one of the things that we share is our dedication to expose social issues and to actually work to make things better for not just us, but all who are affected by a particular issue.

We weren’t always very active; we were far from being activists in college, but everything changed in the last couple of years. We believe the reason for this change is the political division we witnessed during the 2016 election cycle. Trump made the TIME cover that year and he was called “President of the Divided States of America”.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, this statement was factually correct. Both parties and their supporters have become increasingly partisan, thinking their opponent is the epitome of everything evil in this country.

We strictly oppose this black-and-white representation of contemporary politics and we always try to show the people we talk to that no matter who we vote for, we all face the same issues and we all try to work for the betterment of this country.

Also, history has shown us that the United States has and will again unify, despite the perceived deep-cut divisions. Anybody remember the Civil War?

The Blog

Our goal is thus to report on these social issues and to bring people together, because everyone has a stake in the future. That’s why we created this blog and we hope it serves its purpose.

We will cover pressing contemporary issues such as homelessness and we will aim to be as neutral as possible, since we feel that most Internet sources are rather biased in their reporting.

We are happy to receive feedback, both positive and negative, because we always want to improve on our research and reporting. We will also be interested in hearing your recommendations as to which social issue you want us to cover next.

All we have left to say is one big thank you for supporting our blog.